Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shame Off You Recap

Shame Off You BookCongratulations! We now have no shame. :) We actually went through a lot of material the last few weeks. I have put together a directory of each lesson for your reference in case you want to go back. The link within the title is the blog post related to that week and the notes link is the handout for the class.

Shame Off You Introduction (notes)
Chapter 1:     The Power of Words (notes)
Chapter 2:     The Power of Marriage (notes)
Chapter 3:     The Power of Forgiveness (notes)
Chapter 4:     The Power of Confession (notes)
Chapter 5a:   The Power of God’s Voice (notes)
Chapter 5b:   The Power of Celebration (notes)
Chapter 6:     The Power of Mom and Dad (notes)
Chapter 7:     The Power of Boundaries (notes)
Chapter 8:     The Power of Walking With Jesus (notes)
Chapter 9:     How to Change Others (notes)
Chapter 10:   How the Church Tries to Change You (notes)
Chapter 11:   How the Gospel Tries to Change You (notes)
Chapter 12:   How Idols Keep You from Real Change (notes)
Shame Off You Recap Notes

It has been a great semester. I know I have learned a lot. Let's all take the summer and rest our brains. Try to incorporate some of the things we discussed in class. We will be having some fun events over the summer, so if you have signed up for the RSS feed on the right, you will be updated of them. We will also be sending out an email, but I thought I would encourage the late adopters to sign up for the feed.

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