Sunday, March 29, 2009

Can People Change?

people change image Yes, people can change (notes attached). As we learned from class today, people in sales expect people to be able to change. (I am not sure if this was a reasuring comment.) If we truly believe we have something that would be of benefit to people we love, we need to know how to promote this to them in a way they may respond.

In chapter 9 Pastor Alan does a great job laying out the framework on how to get people to change without using shame.
  1. We must begin with prayer because only God can change the heart.
  2. We change a negative spirit by sowing the opposite spirit.
  3. We enable positive change through the power of blessing.
  4. We help others embrace responsibility by treating them as if they are owners, not slaves.
Just as when we discussed guilt and conviction earlier in the book, we must use our words and efforts in others to produce life. Guilt produces death and does not promote real change. Conviction will speak the truth about bad behavior, but it will do it in a way that inspires change.

We all want our kids to change. At the very least to change from children to adults. Are we feeding them with life-giving words and love? Let's speak into them who God has called them to be.

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