Monday, March 2, 2009

The Power of the Mom and Dad

Family PortraitWhen we talk about getting shame off our kids, we need to remember there is power in being the mom and dad (notes attached). God created the family to have a mother and a father. This is why broken homes due to a parent who leave physically or emotionally can leave scars in children. It is in the family that our identity is forms. It is where we learn what we think of ourselves and what we can accomplish.

From our discussion yesterday, the common need we must accomplish in parenting is being there with our kids and spending attentional time with them. But, a father spending time with his kids will look different than a mother spending time with her kids. When the child gets hurt, the father will likely encourage them to walk it off. The mother will likely give a hug and kiss. A mother will tend to comfort a child when they are scared, and the father will tend to encourage the child to face their fears.

It is not that necessarily either one is wrong; it is just a difference in their make-up. A mother will make the child feel safe. A father will call the child out of safety into their destiny. Both are needed.

Finally, we discussed how God plays the part of both. He is our Heavenly Father, and yet He comforts His children as a hen gathering her chicks. No matter what kinds of parents you have had or did not have, God wants to call you into His family and allow Him to parent you.

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