Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shame from Church

Protect me from the ChurchMost people reject Jesus not because of anything He has ever done or not done but because Christians have misrepresented His name. This is going to happen; I know that I have done it. We are not perfect. But, the Church has unfortunately been a breeding ground for shame.

Shame from church a lot of times fueled by good intentions. We see a problem and we want to fix it. That's the mission Jesus has left us with isn't it?

We are to heal the broken hearted, release the captives, seek and save the lost, but we do not do that by convincing people to try harder. The mystery of the gospel is that the more we spend time with Jesus, His desires become our desires. The more we listen to His voice, we hear the words of life that heals those wounded areas leading us to sin.

Most of Christianity has lead people to Jesus for salvation, but then implemented a form of the law for the Christian life. But, just as we accepted Jesus Christ as Lord, we are to continue to live in Him. We came by faith; we continue by faith. But this is taking us into the next chapter...

How does this all play into our children? We need to be involved in their lives. We cannot send them to the church nursery or Christian schools and assume everything is fine. As we talk to our kids and take responsibility for their upbringing we can correct incorrect thinking that mingles in.

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