Sunday, April 26, 2009

Christian Idols

idols failing to protect Common thought among Christians is that they do not deal with idols. While we may still hold God on the throne, Christians commonly have idols in special places of our hearts. Idols are anything that we go to for comfort or protection that is not God. Relationships, food, TV, exercise, etc. can be established as idols in our lives. Spouses and kids are also frequently put up to calm the pain in our hearts.

Where ever we have idols, we are blocking the flow of God's power and comfort into our lives. Therefore we are block the true source of our protection. Jeremiah 10: 14 says that every goldsmith is shamed by their idols. This is because something we can control will never satisfy us in our need for protection. Even love cannot be given under those circumstance. This could be the reason God has given us free-will.

It is painful to remove idols because they have become so closely connected to our source of life that it is like riping flesh to have them removed. But, they must be removed. God loves us too much to have them remained. So He brings about circumstances where our idols fail us. Like the poor super bounce castle in the image, our fortress of protection by our idols starts to fall apart. We can either abandon those false idols for God, or unfortunately like too many we patch up the castle to try to let it protect us again.

As parents we need to address our idols. If not for our own sake, at least for our kids. Whatever idols you have in place are very likely going to show up somehow in your children.

Idols shame us. Jesus brings life, health, and peace. The mental decision is easy. Stepping out in faith is always hard.

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