Sunday, January 18, 2009

Power of Words

"Start every day as if it was on purpose"
- Hitch
Daily Affirmations with Stuart SmalleyAllison and I watched Hitch again this weekend, but this quote seems to encapsulate what we discussed in class today. Words have power. I came away reminded of how intentional I should be when speaking to my kids. The paraphrase to the above quote would be say every word as if it was on purpose.

God used His words to create. He spoke into darkness and create all that was made. As creatures made in God's image, we have responsibility to use our words to create life.

Shame is often passed on by the words being said. Shame is passed on like a curse that brings death to the person receiving it. By speaking blessings instead of curses, our children have the capacity to live the life God has created for them.

Tony and Elisabeth have recommended Charles Capps as supplemental reading on this subject. You can buy his book online or visit the Joyner library for a copy.

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