Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reynolda POPs Easter Egg Hunt

Getting a head start on all the Winston Salem Easter events, we had our Reynolda POPs Easter Egg Hunt yesterday at the church. It was perfect weather and having it on the playground was a perfect place to be and let the kids play. Many thanks to Elisabeth who did a lot of the leg work for this. Many of us took pictures, but here are some highlights of ones that I took. It was a great time.

tire swing image father and children image
Pre Easter Egg Hunt Festivities

Easter Egg Hunting Secrets Patiently waiting for group picture
Pre Easter Egg Hunt Advice

Shocked and amazed image Hunting Easter Eggs
Kids finding out there is candy inside the eggs, and the Easter Egg hunt begins.

Fighting for Easter Eggs Still looking for Easter Eggs
Looking for Easter Eggs.

Eating Easter candy image Because it is my blog
Eating the Easter candy, and enjoying the day.

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