Monday, November 17, 2008

Tools of Communication in Parenting

talking to your kids picture courtesy of Mike Mebane

Communication is one of the best skills we can give our children. Through communication children can express their emotions, desires, and fears. Without developed communication skills, children tend to get frustrated not getting want they want or need because they are not able to relay that information on to others. Many adults are deficient in this skill as well even though it is desperately needed in every relationship (marital, workal?, social, and parental).

We are also teaching our children how to understand the desires of their hearts and help them understand what is going on inside of them. This will help them know how God made them, understand their giftings, and be aware of things to ask God for in prayer.

Finally, through communication we are building a lasting relationship with our children. They learn that they can discuss issues with us and will be willing to continue to bring things to us later in life when a majority of children isolate themselves from their parents. This obviously developes our children's view of God, as a Heavenly Father who longs to be in communication with His children.

Here are the notes for the second part of Parenting Communication.

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