Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Recent Winston Salem Tradition - Tanglewood Lights

Tanglewood Festival of Lights EntrancePhoto courtesy of Forsyth County website.

I call this a recent Winston Salem tradition because it started after most of us were no longer kids. I had originally wanted to say after most of us had graduated high school but had to recalculate when "most" of us did. Tony and Mike skew the math some.

Chick-fil-A's Festival of Lights at Tanglewood Park is the cause of much traffic near our exit this time of year as lines of people come drive through an imaginary world of lights just outside Winston Salem. This is not Disney, but it is a family favorite. WBFJ has typically played Christmas music for you to listen as you complete your magical drive through lighted deer, candles, bells, candy canes, and motion lights.

Rachel has lately taken to playing with a flashlight and turning out all of the lights in the house. She loves spinning it around, bumping into things, and turing it off and on. (I am not sure Elizabeth is crazy about this.) I am sure Rachel would love a trip.

The entrance fee is $10 per car M-TH and $14 per car F-Sun. It is a bit pricey, and the lines can get very long the closer you get to Christmas. Having said that, it is want the locals do at Christmas, so join the fun!

Tanglewood Lights Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

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