Sunday, November 9, 2008

Goals of Communication in Parenting

The Andy Griffith ShowFirst of all, I should mention the choice of image since I did not bring it up in class. To me this is a classic image of parent-child quality time. Unlike Michael, I do not have nice memories of fishing. And, unlike the Becks, I do not live in Mayberry. Still I appreciate the image of father and son spending the day together. Developing communication with our children will take time and effort. We will need to give them undivided attention at times, so they can get to the level of opening up to us.

This week we started on what Tripp describes as the biblical methods of parenting (notes to parenting communication). Communication is very important to parenting because it opens the door to the relationship involved. This where the child learns the unconditional love and where lies and shame can be dealt with as we address bad behavior. Tripp laid out some great questions to consider when we identify areas of correction in our children.

Questions to think through in correction:
I. What is the specific content of the abundance of the heart in this circumstance?
II. What was the temptation?
III. What was my child trying to accomplish?
IV. What was his/her response to that temptation?
On a side note, since Pastor Alan decided to build upon our class from last week, he also answered the question about how to raise children of promise. Some parents try to raise their children to achieve their goals their own way. Christians generally tend to try to raise children to achieve God's goals their own way. But in order to raise children of the promise, we should strive to achieve God's goals, God's way. Easy enough. :)

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