Saturday, December 5, 2009

Restart This Sunday

go signThank you all for your patience the last few weeks as we took break to join the Just Walk Across the Room discussions than broke for Thanksgiving. We will be starting back up this Sunday in room 225. This is the sex week looking at chapter 11 from Sacred Marriage. You will have to believe me that I have not been trying to skip this week and avoid the potential embarrassing discussions. To tell you the truth, I think this will be a great discussion for the class.

If you are the one nervous, please remember that Allison and I hold to a "Private Kingdom" stance within marriage, which means that there are some things that only you and your spouse know. The bedroom is one of those things. Sunday's discussion would be more on what God is trying to tell us through sex and how that applies to our relationship with Him.

Allison and I look forward to seeing everyone this Sunday. Please come as we also have some class administration things to talk about for during and after the holidays.

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