Monday, December 7, 2009

God's View of Sex

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Wow! We really came back strong during class yesterday. When we have a discussion on sex, there is a fear that either nobody will talk or it would be too embarrassing. Thankfully neither happened. We had great discussion, and I do not think anyone turned red. Here are the notes for the Sex and Intimacy chapters.

Sex is a wonderful gift of God for married couples. It is a way to draw closer to one another and give to your spouse. Unfortunately the world and Satan have distorted our view of sex so much that we have a hard time seeing the good at times. We should remember, if Satan is trying hard to distort something, then there is probably something really good God intended for it.

Sex is the channel where we become one flesh. All of the blessings and pain of the two individual now reside in both people. There is obvious benefits to the joint blessings, but the combine pain invites the other person to join in with their spouse in finding the healing of Christ. The two are no longer two and to try to live as separate individuals is not God's plan.

Ultimately sex has a spiritual equivalent with God in worship. This is where we give ourselves completely over to Him for His enjoyment. It is here that we experience the highs of intimacy with our Creator. It is also hear that we take on all of God's blessings. And since God does not have any sin, He just takes our away from us. There is forgiveness in worship. There is healing in worship. Seek to give God every part of you.

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