Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spring Topic: Shame Off You

Shame Off You Book Starting January 11th, we will start the Parents of Preschoolers class back up. The next topic will be Pastor Alan's book, Shame Off You. This will be a perfect follow up to Shepherding a Child's Heart. Just as Tripp wanted us to focus on the heart issues when addressing our children's behavior, Pastor Alan will take us to the things that form those heart issues. This book is written for the reader's vantage point, but our class will focus the discussion on how to take shame off our children.

The book and other resources are at the Welcome Desk before you enter the sanctuary. The book is $10, the workbook is $15, and the sermons are $50. Feel free to use as much or as little of the resources you want. Just like we have been doing, we will set up the discussion, so even if you have not read you can participate and get resources out of the class.

As another free resource, I found these two recordings of Pastor Alan's Shame Off You Conference at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Prosper, Texas.

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