Monday, December 15, 2008

Shepherding a Child's Heart Recap

Shepherding a Child's Heart Book ImageThis week we finished our classes on Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp. We spend Sunday discussing the things God has taught us through the discussions, and God has been great in opening our eyes to things He was wanting us to know. We have become aware of the importance of our kid's hearts over their behavior. We have learned that we have been authority by God to parent our children, and that they are under a blessing as they stay under our authority. And, we have started to come to grips with a proper role of disciplining or punishing our children. I heard Pastor Alan say that disciplining is also an opportunity to bless, which I think is what Tripp would also say with three chapter on communication and one on the rod.

I will end with an observation from Sara, which I will paraphrase because I do not remember it word for word. She mentioned that she came to realization that one of the main problems in our nation is people do not know how to be under authority. Parents are not teaching this to their children, and so they do not give it while in school. Finally, when these children grow up they do not know how to give it to their bosses. If there are blessings for us when we are under authority, when a nation of people refuse to be under authority, we are in danger.

If you want to go back to look at what we have talked about, I have listed each of the notes below. You can also select the Shepherding a Child's Heart label to the right to find each of the blog entries for this topic. We will start back up on January 11th with a brand new topic.

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