Sunday, November 23, 2008

Disciplining Children

We finally broke ground on the contraversial topic of disciplining your kids. We need to be aware that there is more to play with bad behavior then mere obedience. There is a battle for our kids's souls, and the wages of sin is death. We must address it. The Scriptures say that he who withholds discipline, hates their child. It must be done!

When? How? These are the real questions. We need to remember the context of the whole book. We are shepherding our children, and most of it takes place in the context of communication. Whatever methods you decide on with regards to disciplining, you need to keep this in mind. Does your kid know what he/she did wrong? Are they brought back into relationship with you immediately? You goal is not to increase the distance between you, but to bring them back in line with the blessings and protection God has set up. Parenting would be a blast if were not for the sin in our children's lives (or in our lives for that matter). We have the notes for Disciplining Children up for your reference.

childish behavior image coutesy of Energizer

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