Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Defining Unbiblical Parenting Methods

grounding your childThis week we went over Chapters 7 of Shepharding a Child's Heart, which was about Unbiblical Parenting Methods. I found this was a great discussion of how we resort to the methods of the world around us to help us parent our children in the ways of God. The key to the chapter is the same as the last discussion in that the methods listed are not in themselves bad; it is just that they are not the sole methods. If we are trying to get at our children's hearts, then we will need nethods that address the heart.

So, how do we raise children of promise? How do we shepherd a child's heart? We will need God's direction in order to draw it out. Allow God to direct us to which method to use when. The next four chapters will elaborate on some helpful tools - great tools. But, ultimately we will need God to direct our parenting. Thankfully He loves us and our children enough to gladly help!

Image courtesy of Dennis the Menace

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