Friday, October 31, 2008

Expanding the View of Parenting Goals

Reynolda Church-view from our roomI am excited about our latest homework assignment. Allison and I talked the other night about setting goals for our parenting. I think we might ease into this as we only came up with one goals so far. I am amazed however how much of life corresponds to our own relationship with God. As we think through these goals, we cannot help think through goals we have for our own lives and what we want to get out of it. I have been reading Mike Bickle's "Passion for Jesus". So far it has been very enjoyable, but this week I hit this idea of setting our primary focus, which I thought tied in well with setting parenting goals. So here is some food for thought...

Christianity in America and much of the world is not God-Centered. It's centered on needs, success, wholeness, or spiritual gifts. Although all these issues are important, they are not to be our primary focus, but rather a by-product of genuine spirituality. Emotional, spiritual, and physical blessings are a sure overflow from God-centered Christianity.

The church, having neglected her diligent pursuit of the knowledge of God, sometimes referred to as intimacy with God, has lost her joy and affection and the consciousness of His divine presence. She has lost her spirit of worship and her sense of awe and adoration. She has replaced encountering God with ministry success and substituted activity for heartfelt relationship with God.
Last week we discussed unbiblical goals. I think this except describes the dangers of unbiblical goals well. It is not that these other things are bad; they just distract from the ulitmate goal of developing a heart for God.

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