Monday, September 7, 2009

Praying with Your Child

I have recently started a new job writing for a Prayer Blog for I uploaded this video of myself and Rachel to illustrate something regarding prayer. You can go here to see the blog post I wrote about Praying With Children.

I wanted to repost it here just to reiterate the importance of praying with our kids. After posting this video above, I realized that Elizabeth is now the age of Rachel in the video, so she is now in the Bible story and prayer phase. Rachel has requested to join us, but I am having to remind her that this is Elizabeth's time. She is welcome to join, but she needs to let Elizabeth be the focus.

I must admit, these times with the kids increases my time in prayer. But what Allison and I wanting is to create a lifestyle for our kids that focuses them on Jesus. This may look different for you, but prayer together has been foundational for Allison and I in our marriage, and I believe we are already seeing benefits of this time with Rachel. It takes longer to put them down, but we keep remembering it is worth it.

  • One last note, record a video of what you do with your kids. It was great to look back at this video with Rachel and see what we did.
  • If you do, post it for us to get ideas of what others are doing and be encouraged by each other.

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