Monday, September 21, 2009

Finding God in Marriage

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Marriage is the coming together of two very different people and making the differences work. Immediately we can see the analogy to our relationship with God as He is so much different from us yet committed to making a relationship with us work. Finding God in marriage is not really that hard once you start looking. The problem we face is that it is hard to look past our differences with our spouse to see anything good.

There is an old joke I hard about a bride on her wedding day. As she enters the sanctuary, she sees three things. First she sees the aisle she has to walk down. Then she sees the altar where she is going to walk to. And, finally she see him - the guy shes to marry. In that order, she thinks: aisle, altar, him. Or, I'll alter him.

But if marriage is to work, we must be willing to becoming like our spouse. I hear what you are saying, God is not like that He does want to alter us. We are to become like God. Yes, since He knows what is best for us, He does want us to become more like Him. But do not forget that God was so committed to making it work with us that he took on flesh. He became like us. So yes, God does want us to become like Him, but He became like us first.

There are so many other ways we can find God in marriage, and we had a great discussion yesterday regarding these. It was a great class, and I am looking forward going through Sacred Romance this fall.

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