Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fall Topic: Sacred Marriage

Sacred Marriage Small Group We hope everyone enjoyed their break. As the heat of summer continues to rise, we are getting close to the starting back point of the POPs class. This fall we will be going through Gary Thomas' book, Sacred Marriage. We will be taking a look at our marriages and how important they to our kids.

We will also be leading this class for Newly Married couples at our home during the same time. This similar class will just focus on the importance of prioritizing marriage early on and will not have childcare. Please let any of your friends who do not have kids know about the class. We are also taking new people for out class, so let the word out. You can lead them to this blog. If you are reading this and not in the class yet, please sign in so we can keep you inform you when we get close to start.

I look forward to getting everyone together again in September.

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