Saturday, April 11, 2009

Difference With Girls

The other day Allison decided to try and let Rachel watch an adult movie just to get a break from cartoons. She looked for something that they both could watch and landed on Facing the Giants.

Obviously not the typical choice for young girls, but they sat down with some popcorn and watch the movie. Rachel as expected sat quietly to watch. What was interesting was her engrossment into the story line. Here are the things that Rachel loved about the movie:
  1. They are winning because they are playing how Jesus wants them too.
  2. She is going to have a baby. (She wanted to skip the football to see if she was pregnant or not.)
  3. I liked the cheerleaders.
I could not even told you there were cheerleaders in the movie. Sure it makes sense, but they could not have had much screen time.

What are some funny things your kids have done that was so boy or so girl?

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