Friday, March 13, 2009

The Plight of the Scapegoat

scapegoat image The plight of the Scapegoat was a great illustration from chapter 7. Although I did not feel led to discuss it much in class on Sunday, I do think it is extremely important. Why do we need to have someone to blame when things don't go the way we want? Our marriage suffers... because we had kids too soon. I'm always tired... because I have a strong-willed kid. As parents it is very dangerous to make our children the scapegoats. They will receive every bit of shame from those thoughts and sayings.

Shamed people shame. We cannot bear the shame on our own, so we look for others to bear it for us. Our children do not know how to deflect these attempts, and so become natural targets. Instead of feeling a since of purpose and blessing, the scapegoats either wander off closed to the world or work hard to remove those feelings of unworthiness.

This coming Sunday we will refocus on some of these topics as we discuss chapter 8. Success does not overcome our shame. It draws attention to you and now you have to work harder to hid the shame you feel. If we are not put our shame on others and success does not get rid of it, how do we overcome it? The Sunday School answer is Jesus, but what does that look like?

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