Saturday, March 28, 2009

Change is Coming

out of fashion imageWe are starting back with Shame Off You tomorrow with one of my favorite chapters. We will be on chapter 9: How to Get People to Change. The content of this chapter is so obvious it is almost embarrassing that Christians get offended by the title. We all want people to change. God wants us to change. There is nothing wrong with that desire.

The picture in this post is me when Alli first meet me. Thankfully for me she was not picky about men with lack of fashion sense. At the same time, she has helped me over the years to make better clothing choices. She did this without nagging, criticizing, and shaming. This is a simple example, but our lives are full of areas that really need changing.

What Not to Wear imageIf anyone has watch What Not to Wear, they actually do a good job (at times) of what is discussed in this chapter. Once you get past the early parts where they make fun of the person's clothing choices, they spend a good deal of time speaking to what is good in the person and how clothing could change the way they feel of themselves and how others see them. They help people see that they are trying to help.

This is definitely something we need to think through for our children. How do you bring them up in the way of the Lord without some changes in their lives along the way. How do we do this in a way that honors God and them?

That is what this chapter is about. We look forward to our class discussions on this topic.

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