Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not the Marriage We Wanted

Charlie Peacock: New Way to Be Human
"Once the perfect finish to God's Creation and the helpful answer to what was not complete with man, the woman helped man begin his own disobedience. Instead of helping man with his aloneness, she aided him in becoming more alone. He became alienated from the woman, God, and all of creation."
- Charlie Peacock, New Way to Be Human
We got married so we will not be alone, but then it becomes the source of greater loneliness. Now I am not blaming the woman for all of life's pains; that would be just plain silly. For a husband, to love his wife is to love his own body. The point is God created marriage for oneness. Sin distorts God's plan. Sin and shame keep us from moving out of our shell we have created to protect us of exposure and pain. We need something to stop the bleeding.

How does Jesus provide the answer? Hopefully next week's class will start to answer some of the questions.

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