Sunday, September 14, 2008

And, We Have Begun!

We've StartedHey everybody, we had a good class. It was nice to meet everyone. For those that did not attend, we setup what the class would entail and handed out books. Here is the handout we used for our introductory class.

Next week we will start discussing "Shepherding a Child's Heart" looking at chapter 1. Again, the book is supplemental information, if you do not have the book or did not find time to read, you will not be left behind.

Things that we found out from this past Sunday...

What a haberdasher is. We have one in the class. Other famous haberdashers include Johnny Carson and Harry Truman.

Wiggles seems to be most of our kids favorite show.

Everyone desired to meet other parents of preschoolers to share experiences, to meet others at Reynolda, and to potentially make new friends. To this end we have started discussion of a chili cookout for families and kids at Mike and Lisa's home. More to come on this later.

Allison and I are looking forward to getting to know everyone better. And, for those who did not make it last week, there is still time to join.

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